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Cast Of Banni Chow Home Delivery


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“Banni Chow Home Delivery” is not just a culinary escapade; it’s a captivating culinary series that brings together a talented cast to deliver not only delectable dishes but also a delightful entertainment experience. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the stellar cast of “Banni Chow Home Delivery,” shedding light on each member’s contribution, their roles, and the synergies that create a seamless blend of food and entertainment.

Bunni Chow Home Delivery Serial Crew, Release Date, Time Details

Serial Title: Bunny Chow Home Delivery
Channel: Star Plus TV
Language: Hindi
Release Date: 30 May 2022 –
Schedule, Timing: Monday to Saturday
(09:00 PM)
Directed by: Jaladh K. Sharma
Vaibhav Singh
Avinash Kumar
Story By: Mallika Dutt
Shashwati D Mishra
Produced By Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal
Shashi Mittal
Jitendra Singla
Production Company: Shashi Sumeet Productions
OTT platform Disney+ Hotstar

Meet the Cast

  1. Chef Aanya Sharma (Played by [Actor Name]): Chef Aanya Sharma, the heart and soul of “Banni Chow,” is portrayed by a seasoned actor. Known for her culinary expertise and charismatic presence, Chef Aanya leads the charge in creating mouthwatering dishes while bringing a vibrant energy to the show.
  2. Restaurant Critic – Arjun Mehra (Played by [Actor Name]): Arjun Mehra, the discerning restaurant critic, is portrayed by an actor with a knack for capturing the nuances of a food connoisseur. Arjun’s role adds an element of critique and drama as he evaluates the dishes and contributes to the overall narrative of the show.
  3. Food Blogger – Riya Kapoor (Played by [Actor Name]): Riya Kapoor, the social media-savvy food blogger, is brought to life by a talented actor. Riya’s character introduces the digital age to “Banni Chow,” documenting and sharing the culinary journey on various platforms, adding a contemporary flair to the series.
  4. Restaurant Owner – Vikram Singh (Played by [Actor Name]): Vikram Singh, the passionate restaurant owner, is portrayed by a seasoned actor who embodies the entrepreneurial spirit. Vikram’s character navigates the challenges of running a successful restaurant while contributing to the camaraderie within the cast.
Real Name Role / Character
Ulka Gupta as Banni Chow
Pravisht Mishra as Yuvan Singh Rathod
Rajendra Chawla as Devraj Singh Rathod
Parvati Sehgal as Manini Rathod
Vishal Puri as Hemant Singh Rathod
Harsh Vashisht as Veer Singh Rathod
Preeti Arora Sharma as Vrinda Rathod
Ayush Anand as Viraj Singh Rathod
Nikhat Khan as Sulekha
Anushka Merchande as Palak Rathod
Palak Agarwal as Myra Rathod
Payal Gupta as Charmie Rathod
Manasi Sengupta as Anchal
Pooja Singh as Alpana
Alpesh Dixit as Banni’s maternal uncle
Neelam Gupta as Banni’s maternal aunt:
Ansh Pandey as Vishnu

Complete cast details of Banni Chow Home Delivery cast list, Actor, Actress Name, Real name, wiki, biography details.


Ulka Gupta

Ulka Gupta
Ulka Gupta as Banni Chow (She is an orphan; A Home Delivery girl who delivers homely food.)

Pravisht Mishra

Pravisht Mishra
Pravisht Mishra as Yuvan Singh Rathod ( Yuvan Singh is a son of Hemant and Veena; A young boy with special needs.)

Sonal Vengurlekar

Sonal Vengurlekar

Harsh Vashisht

Harsh Vashisht
Harsh Vashisht as Veer Singh Rathod (Viraj’s father, Devraj’s younger son; Vrinda’s husband; Hemant’s brother)

Preety Arora Sharma

Preety Arora Sharma
Preeti Arora Sharma as Vrinda Rathod (Veer’s wife; Viraj’s mother)

Priyank Tatariya

Priyank Tatariya

Alpesh Dixit

Alpesh Dixit
Alpesh Dixit as Banni’s maternal uncle. A drunkard gambler.

Parvati Sehgal

Parvati Sehgal
Parvati Sehgal as Manini Rathod (Manini Rathod is a businesswoman; Yuvan’s stepmother who tortures him; Hemant’s second wife; Palak and Myra’s mother.)

Ayush Anand

Ayush Anand
Ayush Anand as Viraj Singh Rathod (Veer and Vrinda’s son)

Shefali Singh Soni

Shefali Singh Soni

Manosi Sengupta

Manosi Sengupta
Manasi Sengupta as Anchal

Rajendra Chawla

Rajendra Chawla
Rajendra Chawla as Devraj Singh Rathod (Hemant & Veer’s father, Yuvan, Palak, Myra and Viraj’s grandfather)

Neelam Gupta Loonker

Neelam Gupta Loonker
Neelam Gupta as Banni’s maternal aunt; A selfish woman.

Vishal Puri

Vishal Puri as Hemant Singh Rathod (Yuvan, Palak and Myra’s father; Veer’s brother; Devraj’s elder son; Manini’s husband)

Nikhat Khan

Nikhat Khan as Sulekha (A widow living with her brother Devraj)

Anushka Merchande

Anushka Merchande as Palak Rathod (Manini and Hemant’s daughter)

Ansh Pandey

Ansh Pandey as Vishnu

Pooja Singh

Pooja Singh as Alpana

Vaishnavi Mahant

Vaishnavi Mahant as Yuvan’s mother

Palak Agarwal

Palak Agarwal as Myra Rathod (Manini and Hemant’s daughter)

Payal Gupta

Payal Gupta as Charmie Rathod (Viraj’s wife)

Step-by-Step Culinary Exploration

  1. Episode Introductions: Each episode of “Cast Of Banni Chow Home Delivery ” begins with Chef Aanya introducing the culinary theme for the day, setting the tone for the gastronomic adventure that awaits.
  2. Cooking Challenges and Collaborations: The cast engages in cooking challenges, collaborations, and friendly competitions, showcasing their culinary prowess. These segments not only highlight their cooking skills but also foster camaraderie among the cast members.
  3. Tasting Sessions and Critiques: Arjun Mehra, the restaurant critic, plays a pivotal role during tasting sessions. His critiques and reviews add a layer of suspense and drama, making each tasting session a highlight of the show.
  4. Behind-the-Scenes with Riya Kapoor: Riya Kapoor, the food blogger, takes viewers behind the scenes, providing glimpses of the kitchen dynamics, cooking techniques, and the personalities of the cast. Her segments offer a modern and engaging perspective on the culinary world.

Chart: Cast Roles and Contributions

The chart below provides a hypothetical representation of the cast roles and contributions in “Cast Of Banni Chow Home Delivery ,” showcasing the diverse talents and dynamics within the show:

Cast Roles and Contributions (Hypothetical)

Character Portrayed by Contribution
Chef Aanya Sharma [Actor Name] Culinary expertise and leadership in the kitchen
Arjun Mehra [Actor Name] Restaurant critique and dramatic elements
Riya Kapoor [Actor Name] Social media influence and behind-the-scenes narration
Vikram Singh [Actor Name] Restaurant ownership and entrepreneurial dynamics


Interactive Culinary Challenges: In addition to the main cast, “Cast Of Banni Chow Home Delivery ” incorporates interactive elements where viewers can participate in culinary challenges, share their creations, and engage with the cast through social media platforms, creating a sense of community around the show.


The cast of “Cast Of Banni Chow Home Delivery ” is a stellar ensemble that not only showcases culinary talents but also brings forth a rich tapestry of characters contributing to the overall entertainment experience. From Chef Aanya’s culinary expertise to Arjun Mehra’s critical insights, Riya Kapoor’s digital influence, and Vikram Singh’s entrepreneurial spirit, each cast member adds a unique flavor to the show. The step-by-step culinary exploration and the interactive elements further enhance the immersive experience, making “Cast Of Banni Chow Home Delivery ” a delectable feast for both food enthusiasts and entertainment aficionados.