May18 , 2024

How To Become a CT Scan Technologist: A Complete Guide


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There are so many different sectors in the healthcare sector but you have curiosity and you are willing to be a CT Scan Technologist and serve in the healthcare sector. There are various options by which you can be part of it. You can Pursue Certification course, Diploma in Radiography Imaging Technology Course (DRIT) or also be a part of Bachelor’s Radiography and Imaging Technology Program (BRIT).

Now a days, healthcare sector is a fastest and maximum job providing sectors Here we will discuss all about it and it may help you out to Follow it and start a journey to become  CT Scan Technologist

What is a CT technologist?

A CT technologist, also called computed axial tomography (CAT) scan technologist. Ct Technologists operate radiological scans to find a disease or injury in the human body. CT and CAT scans use radiation to find the shape of organs, tissues and bones inside a patient, and then with the he;lp of  a computer 3D images are generated. They work in government and hospitals, doctor’s clinics, diagnostic centres and imaging centres.

What does a CT technologist do?

Computed tomography technologists use computerised tomography (CT) scanners to create cross-section images of patients’ internal organs and tissues. With the help of those images the doctor’s diagnose patients and resolve their medical issues. A CT scan technologist should be able to accurately interpret a physician’s scanning instructions, administer contrast materials, prepare and operate the CT scan equipment, and positioning of the patient to capture an appropriate image. CT scanners emit radiation, which can be harmful for the technologist and patients. CT technologists ensure the safety of both himself and the patient. If proper safety procedures are not followed it may lead to serious problems such as Cancer. 

How to become a CT scan technologist

Here we will discuss the steps that may help you out in your journey to become CT Scan Technician:

1. Check the local requirements

The requirements to be a CT technologist differ by state, so one has to check his local regulations before beginning the course. Being a CT technologist you should have certifications or licensure, and there may be some other requirements to become an approved technologist.

2. Earn an associate degree

To become certified, enrol in an accredited program to earn an associate degree in radiography, diagnostic medical sonography or nuclear medicine technology. Many technical schools and community colleges offer these programs, and teaching hospitals may also offer educational opportunities. In a degree program,you deeply learn various types of topics in radiology equipment and processes, patient care and human anatomy.You also have the option to earn a diploma(DRIT) or certification in radiology or radiologic technology. This educational path will lead you to be knowledgeable and skilled. If you plan to earn a master’s degree or doctorate in radiology if you are willing to join research or other sectors.

3. Become certified

If you are seeking a job in this sector and make your career in healthcare sector specially CT Technician.There are so many certification courses available that makes you a certified and you can serve at any hospital, clinic, radiology & imaging centre or also become assistant radiologist and assist any Doctor. 

4. Meet requirements for the CT credential

Once you have completed your initial certification, then you can meet additional requirements to earn the CT credential. One should have registered as per section 18 of PC & PNDT Act. 

One should have completed internship training under the guidance of any verified Radiologist and one should have appropriate experience of following : 

  • Patient care
  • Safety
  • Image production
  • Procedures

5. Obtain a state licence

In some states, getting the CT technician certification means you have qualified to perform computed tomography scans. But some other states also require you to have a licence, which may involve proving your credentials or taking additional exams. if u intrested a paramedical all the requirements to work  and training study join best paramedical college as a student of CT Scan technologist.  

Salary and job outlook for CT technologists

As per websites like AmbitionBox, a mid-career CT Technologist with 4-9 years of experience earns an average annual salary of ₹5.3 Lakhs. An experienced CT Technologist with 10-20 years of experience earns an average annual salary of ₹6.4 Lakhs.

As we have seen, the salary depends on experience and Qualification of the professionals.

CT scan technologist Required skills

A CT scan technologist should have  expert-level equipment operation skills, communication skills and additional medical skills, including:

  • Computed tomography equipment operation: The technologist has to calibrate CT scan equipment before every procedure.CT Technician uses it to create a clear image and recognize any operational problems.
  • Image reconstruction: The technologist should create a high quality of an image for diagnosis and treatment from the scan.
  • Radiation safety: CT scans involve the use of dangerous ionising radiations, so technologists should have a strong understanding of radiation safety protocols. So they could ensure safety of themselves and patients
  • Anatomical and pathological knowledge: The CT technician should be well aware of human anatomy.The technologist applies his knowledge of the human body to check abnormalities and create images of them.
  • CPR, IV insertion and other health care skills: As he may sometimes have to deal with other situations so he may be aware of CPR,IV insertion etc. As a CT scan technologist works in a healthcare facility with many other staff. They should have additional medical skills to assist radiologists or other providers as needed.

Patient care: One has to know how to make the patient comfortable and feel calm. Understand the scan procedures, a technologist should have strong communication skills, patience and empathy towards patients.