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Nirvana Singapore Price and Columbarium FAQs


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Nirvana Singapore Price

The main factor that affects the Nirvana Singapore price is location. Niches that are situated at Nirvana Memorial Garden Columbarium (CCK) will be 20% lower in price compared to niches at the same category situated at its norm. This is because Nirvana Memorial Garden Columbarium (CCK) is regarded as phase 1 of the development of Nirvana Memorial Garden. Other factors that affect price include the area and the position of the niche, where niches situated at prime areas are higher in price. An example of prime areas will be niches that are facing a scenic view or near ancestors of celebrities and influential figures.

Nirvana Singapore offers a variety of niches, such as Nirvana Memorial Garden Columbarium (CCK) and its norm. These include Buddhist and multi-religious variants. The price range starts from SGD 7,500 – SGD 10,000 for a single niche for a period of 15 years. The price for the different type niches are relatively similar.

Price range for different types of niches

As for government niches, Civil rates are usually only available to citizens and PRs. Coming in a package deal, it is generally priced from $1500 to $15,500 from year 2003 to date. During the Singapore government stopped building more Chinese niches and started building more costly land-scarce multi-religion niches, there were intentions to increase prices for Market and International rates to current commercial rates of $20,000 to $25,000. But due to protests from various religious organizations and the public, the price difference has been made smaller, $1500 to $3000 during year 2000 to date, and it is currently capped at similar rates to Civil.

Prices between the different types of niches can differ quite significantly, depending on its location, surroundings, and the date that it was launched. In general, basic standard niches prices will range from $1500 to $10,000, and premium niches will range from $8,000 to $50,000 for similar location, surroundings, and date launched. For its Heavenly Light niches, the recent launch will be priced at around $16,000 to $20,000.

As for Singapore government columbarium, there are currently 3 prices: Civil, Market Rate, and International. Civil will have the cheapest rate for Singapore citizens and PRs, Market rate will be the rate if it were compared with a similar product in the commercial sector, and International rate for foreigners. All product pricing will be based on differences between citizens, PRs, and Foreigners.

For Columbarium at Mandai and other Nirvana memorial parks, niches can come in the form of basic standard or premium niches. Throughout the years, Nirvana has constantly upgraded their range of products and services, hence different eras of development in different memorial parks will offer different varieties of products. Currently, Nirvana has improved their premium niches to a product named Heavenly Light niches, a niche that comes with a small light to allow families to offer light to their ancestors. These are usually placed in designed hall-like structures.

Factors that affect the price

A niche at a high-end columbarium with soothing music, air conditioning, valet, and a cafeteria would naturally cost more compared to a niche at an older columbarium with only basic facilities and shelter from the sun and rain. Demand and supply of niches would be dependent on the rate of deaths in Singapore as well as changes in popular trends amongst the bereaved. A tight situation where there are more deaths relative to the number of niches available would enable operators to have higher prices for their niches. On the other hand, if there are an excess of niches, prices would be competitive with some operators having promotions or offering discounts. Target segments are typically defined by age, race, and religion. Pricing is set based on what each operator perceives as the highest price the different segments are willing to pay. Higher income groups are typically more willing to pay for additional services at a higher price.

Different locations of the columbarium would affect the price of the niche. Premium locations such as niches located at eye level, niches located near an entrance, lifts, and void decks command a higher price compared to niches at non-premium locations such as near a drainage area or at a corner. Usually, niches at premium locations would cost about 10-15% more. Similarly, a columbarium located at a prime area such as Bukit Timah or Novena would have a higher price compared to a columbarium located at an HDB void deck or rural areas. Achieving cremations, niche openings, and exhumations are the basic conditions for all. But in reality, how these rites are carried out can vary widely depending on your provider. As such, the level of service and price guarantees provided by competitors. Higher quality services require more cost and hence the price of the niche may be raised by 10-20%. With enhanced services, additional costs or charges may be prompted. Rest services are guaranteed only with niche reservation at the time of required service.

Many factors affect the price of columbarium niches with Nirvana Singapore. Understanding the factors is important for better financial planning. Factors include the columbarium location, level of the floor the niche is located, reputation and track record of the operator, design and ambience of the place, the additional amenities provided, demand and supply of niches, and the target segment of customers the operator is aiming for.

Additional costs and fees

The amount that you pay in regards to price will not be the only cost that you will have to fork out. There are also additional costs and fees which can be quite a hefty sum. The biggest additional cost you would have to pay would be the niche deposit. This deposit ranges from $2,000 to $3,000 and it has to be made upon signing the niche agreement. This deposit acts as a security deposit and will be refunded to your next of kin, 60 days after the niche agreement has expired. If you have chosen to niche at the Columbarium at Mandai and have not purchased a niche at another Nirvana centre, you will have to purchase a niche at the Nirvana Columbarium Singapore first. Depending on availability, the cost will vary from $3,000 to $6,500. After the purchase of the niche here, you may then transfer to the Columbarium at Mandai and receive a refund of $2,500 from the National Columbarium Council. There are some other smaller additional costs which would include Late Payment Fees, Replacement Fees, and Administration Fees. Late Payment fees are applicable if the monthly payment for the niche/memorial falls more than 30 days due and it is 2% of the outstanding sum. Replacement Fees vary on the item and the cost of it, and Admin Fees are charged for any administrative work to be done to rectify an issue which has been caused by the client.

Payment options and plans

Under the EziOwn scheme, the buyer has a choice to suit his budget: 3, 5, or 7-year plans. Upon full settlement of the niche, which includes the price of the niche, registration fee, and Buddha Memorial Columbarium membership, customers have the choice to dispose of the niche on the 4th year from the purchase date. ENG Private family estate now comes with EziOwn to provide potential buyers with the option of a 3-year payment plan. Guaranteed price for 15 years. All payment has to be made within the installment period granted, or else the prices could be subjected to change. Any defaults in payment could result in a termination of the services. NMHE EziOwn offers another payment plan to pay over 5 years for EziOwn niches. All payment has to be made within the installment period granted, or else the prices could be subjected to change. Any defaults in payment could result in a termination of the services. Step payment is based on the agreed price over the short-term plan for the given number of years. All payment has to be made within the installment period granted, or else the prices could be subjected to change. Any defaults in payment could result in a termination of the services. The funeral director will be responsible for the disposal of the unoccupied niche. Full payment guaranteed price for 10 years. Any default in payment could result in a termination of the services.

Nirvana Singapore Columbarium

Locations of Nirvana columbariums in Singapore

Our Tanah Merah columbarium is centrally located at 50 Bedok Tukang and is minutes away from the Poso Marsh and Sungei Bedok. The tranquil environment has a lush landscape and is surrounded by nature. It is an ideal place to keep the memories of our loved ones alive for generations to come. This columbarium is linked to public transport and is easily accessible via the PIE (either direction). The strategic location of our Tanah Merah columbarium offers convenience to family members from different parts of Singapore and is minutes away from the Singapore Expo and the upcoming Changi General Hospital.

Our Mandai columbarium is located at 950 Old Choa Chu Kang Road, opposite the Peirce Reservoir and next to the Mandai Crematorium. Old Choa Chu Kang Road is accessible via Mandai Road which is linked to BKE (towards Woodlands). This tranquil environment has a lush green landscape and is surrounded by nature. It is indeed an ideal place to keep the memories of our loved ones alive for generations to come.

Nirvana Memorial Gardens is currently established two beautiful columbariums in Singapore, one at Mandai and another at Tanah Merah. Both columbariums are strategically located to make traveling to and fro easy for family members. Our Singapore columbariums are also designed to house niches to cater for ashes collection from both existing religious and public columbarium.

Facilities and amenities provided

Nirvana Memorial Garden offers state-of-the-art facilities at their columbarium. In an effort to provide a pleasant and comfortable environment for the living and a dignified place for the dearly departed, the columbarium is fully air-conditioned. Although this is common in modern building design in Singapore, an air-conditioned environment at a columbarium is essential for temples and those about to be involved in a prayer ceremony. This is especially important as temples are used as venues for ceremonies to mark the day of passing, the 7th, 21st, 49th day, and 100th day death anniversaries and also the annual death anniversary, whereas the family will recite prayers in memory of the deceased. These ceremonies are mainly conducted by the Japanese, Koreans, and Indians, of which each of their funerary rites involves some form of chanting or recitation. In most cases, such ceremonies will require a couple of hours to prepare and will often involve families with small children. An air-conditioned environment will help to draw participants for such religious activities and provide the serene environment that is essential for such rites to be conducted in. All these factors will contribute to growing awareness of the Nirvana brand and are in line with the long-term lease that Nirvana has on these temple units.

Services and ceremonies offered

The Nirvana memorial planning consultants are highly experienced, friendly professionals who will visit your home at your convenience to explain in detail the various Angelic plans available, their benefits, and transitioning. This also includes the application of a personal niche and transferring the package benefits up to a maximum of 3 generations of lineal descent.

They also provide pre-planning of funeral services, where they can guide and assist you in planning for you and your loved ones’ future. They fulfill your every need and administer sincere consultation and pre-need funeral services at today’s current price. Upgrade your life from the silver age in the high-pressure modern society by planning for the best type of departure for you and your loved ones.

Nirvana also has its very own in-house printing department, providing numerous Buddhist and customized package services ranging from Packages A to D. You can choose from an extensive array of Buddhism designs. These package services aim to provide double the value at half the price.

Nirvana provides several in-house services, such as advice on Buddhist funeral wake arrangement and Buddhist funeral services. They have a comprehensive 24-hour funeral service helpline, a friendly and experienced team of funeral directors, and an on-site monk who undertakes the funeral arrangement as a whole or in part.

Rules and regulations for visitors and residents

Visitors are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly and decorous manner with full respect for the deceased and their bereaved families. Nirvana reserves the right to require any visitor/resident to leave the premises at their sole discretion.

Visitors are not allowed to bring or arrange delivery of any form of offerings, decorations, electrical appliances, incense items, plants, animals, food and drinks, or any other goods to the niches or open areas within the Columbarium, except for floral items for placement in designated areas. Nirvana staff may remove or dispose of any items that contravene this rule and/or block delivery of such items or deny access at their sole discretion. Any costs or losses incurred for removal/disposal will be borne or offset from the visitors or residents concerned.

Visitors shall observe the basic rules and regulations of the SBS accommodations and services, such as no consumption of outside food and drinks, no smoking, no littering, and no illegal social or commercial activities that may disturb the public tranquility of the venue. Special rules may apply for memorial events, and these will be advised by our staff or your event coordinator as the situation arises.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the operating hours of Nirvana columbariums? Our columbariums in Singapore are open Mon-Sun: 8am – 6pm. Lunch time is from 12pm – 1pm.

Can I transfer my niche to another person? Yes. It is possible to transfer your niche to another person. An administration fee of $60 applies if the transfer is done within 3 years of the initial booking. If the transfer is done after 3 years, a new agreement will be made and the relevant price difference at that time will be charged.

How to make a booking at Nirvana Singapore? Please refer to the relevant columbarium in Singapore which you would like to make a booking for. You may call or visit the columbarium office for further details or to arrange for a booking. It is highly recommended to make an appointment with our staff to avoid any disappointment.

How to make a booking at Nirvana Singapore?

Identification card (IC) of the person who is applying for the first niche is required. If the applicant is not the niche holder, an authorization letter stamped by Nirvana Singapore is needed. Upon receiving the IC, the staff will verify if the applicant is the niche holder. Booking can be made at any Nirvana service counters or head office. Nirvana will issue an official receipt for the booking and payment made. The family will have the following channels for making the booking: A) Mainstream booking 1. Calling Nirvana Customer Service Hotline and booking for the niches. 2. Walking in to any of Nirvana service counters and making a booking. B) Deviation booking will have to write a letter clearly stating the contact details, IC number, and signature of the applicant and submit it during booking. For any booking, the staff will verify if the applicant is the niche holder. Upon confirmation, the staff will proceed with the booking and issue an official receipt to the family for the payment made.

Can I transfer my niche to another person?

Yes, you can transfer your niche to another person with prior written permission from Nirvana. Any internal transfers of the niche from one party to another is considered a ‘change of ownership’. A ‘Change of ownership’ is a transfer of the niche from the person who had originally booked it, to another person of the current family. The documentation required is: A signed letter from the current owner, approving the transfer to the new owner. A signed letter from the new owner, accepting the niche. A processing fee of $50. Do bear in mind that if the transfer is successful, and the new owner decides that he/she wants to transfer the niche to yet another person, a second change of ownership will not be permitted. This is to safeguard the niche and reduce multiple transfers between different family members.

What are the operating hours of Nirvana columbariums?

Nirvana columbariums operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is to provide ease and convenience to family members and loved ones who intend to visit the niche of the deceased to make their offerings and to pray.

Are there any restrictions on memorial items?

Nirvana actively promotes the preservation of the serene and tranquil environment within its premises. As such, there are certain restrictions on the memorial items allowed within the niche, on top of the guidelines set by NEA. Any ivory or parts of any species defined in the Convention on International Trade and Endangered Species are not allowed. Porcelain items, glass, mirrors, any liquid substances, lighted candles or joss sticks, statuettes and toys are also not allowed. Photographs must be framed with plastic or glass covering removed. Nirvana Singapore reserves the right to remove and discard any prohibited items and to make amendments to the list above as and when required without prior notice. Niche buyers may be required to bear additional cost for the removal and storage of such items.

Other services provided by Nirvana

Adding on, Nirvana also provides services for those individuals who wish to handle the funeral of their loved ones themselves. The company offers hearse and coffin rental services. These services are open to the public, subject to availability. With an affordable rate, the hearse rental consists of a driver only and includes the usage of a van for 4 hours with 2 free wreath stands on board. The coffin rental service has a different range of coffins and prices. Delivery and handling options are available. Customers can make their booking via the phone or online at Nirvana’s website.

The services provided by Nirvana also include pre-planning services for those interested in preparing their funerals. This includes personal consultations to assess the individual’s needs, wants, and requirements, be it traditional, Buddhist, or Taoist. From there, a funeral package is tailor-made to the individual’s specifications and could be registered for future use or prepaid, securing the price to today’s costs.